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Thursday, October 2, 2008


Q 1. Can the Card be used immediately after it is purchased?

Yes, your SBI Vishwa Yatra Card can be used, immediately after purchase, outside India, Nepal and Bhutan.

Q2. Can I use the Add-on cards simultaneously?

Add-on cards can be used simultaneously along with the original card.

Q 3. Are there any charges for which this Card may not be used?

Yes, your Card cannot be used for the following:

Temporary charges e.g. paying deposits at hotels, on hiring of cars etc. This is because the amount will be debited to the Card immediately and if reversed will be credited to the Card Account only after a period of 60 days.

Note: The Bank reserves the right to charge the Card member for any unauthorized amounts.

Q4. Can the value on the Card be topped up from any authorized Branch?

As of now, the facility is available / restricted to the Branch of Card Issue only.

Q5. What if I forget my ATM PIN while traveling?

You can call the Toll free Help line 1600112211(if In India) / 91-22-27566598 (if outside India) / SBI branch from where you have purchased your Card, for assistance. SBI will block the Card and a new Card will be dispatched to you immediately. In case you have subscribed to Add-on card (s) you can start using the Add-on card(s). In any case you have to report the loss of the original / Add-on card (s).

Q6. How will I know which ATMs accept the SBI Vishwa Yatra Card?

All ATMs displaying the VISA / VISA Flag / Plus / Electron will accept SBI Vishwa Yatra Card.

Q7. How many VISA ATMs and VISA Points of Sale (POS) terminals are there, worldwide?

The worldwide list of VISA ATMs is available on line at http:// www.

Q8. Are there any withdrawal limits?

Withdrawals are subject to the daily transaction limits set by the ATM acquirers.

Q9. Do the ATM receipts show the amount withdrawn and the balance available?

Depending on the capability of the ATMs, the amount withdrawn and/or balance available may be shown.

Q10. In countries where ATM instructions are in an unfamiliar language, whom can I approach for assistance?

English is available at most VISA ATMs

Q11. Is there a fee for obtaining refunds on the balance on the SBI Vishwa Yatra Card?

No fee will be charged if the balance amount is claimed within three Months of the expiry of the card. If claim is made after three months of expiry of the card the amount will be refunded after deducting Rs.110/ - (inclusive of service tax) as Bank charges.


shubham said...

can i recharge sbi vishwa yatra card by taking only passbook to the branch or it can be only credited by cheque book.

hardik said...

can i transfer money to my vishwa yatra card from my sbi a/c online while i am not in india?

Narayan Pathak said...

My card is blocked without any notice ? where i should contact ?


Unknown said...

I have vishwayatra card.from last few days I don't have any msg or statement. I am called so many time on call Centre no and email also but no one can help me what should I do .

natarajan srinivasan said...

In USA online usage of the card mostly required with Amazon, usage and air ticket bookings.

Of these, my SBI foreign travel card is declined for Amazon and Uber. This is a major draw back. Will the concerned authorities look into this and make these cards usable for both in Amazon and for Uber.

This is very important issue.